Where to Outsource for Cheap

If you want to get things done, but you face several issues such as:

  1. You don’t know how to do
  2. You don’t like to do
  3. You don’t want to waste time doing

Then you need to outsource. The place where you can simple things get done is:

Every project/task (they call it a gig) costs only US$5.00. It’s cheap.

There are so many things you can hire people to do things for you such as:

  • design logo, graphics, ebook cover
  • write press release, article
  • HTML, programming
  • video editing, professional voice-overs
  • technical support
  • boring repetitive tasks such as SEO (search engine optimization) work
  • bizarre task: ask people to sing you a song, draw a cartoon for you.
  • you name it, most likely you can find it….

Tips: There are thousands of providers out there, try to find somebody who has good ratings such as “top-rated seller” or with many positive reviews.

On the other hand, if you want to earn some part-time income or build your portfolio, you can also provide your service too if you have the expertise.

I use this service frequently, normally for tasks that I find is repetitive (SEO) or things that I can’t do such as graphic designs.

Lead Generation – Some Thoughts

Recently I encountered an interesting issue regarding lead generation.

You see, I have a friend who is working as a budding wedding videographer in a certain company. Let’s call it Production X. So, I was thinking since my friend is working there, maybe I can help Production X to generate leads for them. More leads equal higher probability of closing more deals. More deals mean more income generated. And if the leads I gave them generated into sales, I get a cut of it. Simple as that.

In my opinion, it’s a win-win situation. There is absolutely no risk for them. Production X doesn’t has to pay me anything at all up-front. I do up my own site, generate my own traffic, SEO, content –   all done by me. All the expenses are from my own pocket. Well, it seems the risk are on me… not them.

I told Production X it will be easier for me to work exclusively for them. In a way, I act like an agent. Any leads that came to my site will be forwarded to them. They will take care of the customers’ enquiries. So, my job is solely on helping them to generate leads only.

However, there is a problem. They feel uncomfortable of me (my site) representing Production X. They feel that I may mis-represent them, their company image might be affected, quality issues of my site etc. They also feel it’s “not right” for my site to generate leads exclusively just for them. They think it’s better for the leads to have more choices to make my site less biased.

Seriously, I don’t understand the rationale behind it. It’s not like I am scamming the leads and say that I am from Production X. I just pass the raw leads to them. Period. When they answer to the customers’ enquiries, the customers will know that they are dealing with Production X. Your branding is still there. At the end of the day, the couples who engage you as their videographers will know Production X rather than my site.

Well, in my opinion, it’s the same analogy as a financial advisor/insurance agent who is representing Prudential. The agent can ONLY sell Prudential products (life, term, travel insurance etc). Even though the agent can only sell Prudential’s products, that doesn’t mean Prudential’s products are no good or the agent is biased. As long as the customer’s needs are met and is well-covered under their various insurance plans, it’s good for every party isn’t it? Prudential gets more business, the agent gets his commission, and the customer is well-insured.

Production X then suggests that maybe they can put a banner on my site or I can write reviews for them and some other videography companies as well. Both are not good alternatives. First of all, the CTR for banners are low. Secondly, I don’t know how much they are willing to pay to put the banner. My site hasn’t generated enough traffic at the moment. Putting a banner is useless and I can’t command a high price. A lead who fills up the contact form is far MORE valuable. Writing reviews? That’s even worse. A review should be non-biased and not getting paid for it. I don’t want get into another fiasco, like the food blogger who demanded free food for a food review. 🙂

In fact, some SEO companies have approached Production X. The charges are not cheap and they aren’t guaranteed a #1 listing on Google. So, they didn’t hire a SEO company and I understand their reason. Side tracking: If an SEO company claims that it can guarantee you a #1 spot… run away as far as you can from that company.

So, Production X is not willing to a hire an SEO company and they don’t like the idea of me generating leads exclusively for them. So what can they do: Post ads on magazines, directories and offer their services through wedding forums and of course through referrals.

From what Production X says, they are getting about 4 projects a month on average. They have 3 wedding videographers and I think they can get more business than that. Of course, words of mouth (referrals) is the best method. But before they can become viral, a critical mass (read customers) is needed. A small pool of satisfied customers can only do so much and it will take a long time for them to spread the words out.

That’s where I feel my site can come into the play. Get more leads, more business for them. In turn, let the new customers spread more good words about them through word of mouth. At the end of the day, if they feel they are getting too many customers and they don’t need any of my leads further, that’s fine for me. That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? I can then say I did a good job helping them. But right now, they are not in that situation.

Any thoughts?

Doing Some SEO Testing

If you search for the term: “alex yeo”, you will realized that I am not ranked number 1. I am in 3rd position. I captured a screen shot.

alex yeo SERPS

The no.1 spot is another “alex yeo” from Singapore. He’s currently the managing director at McDonald’s Singapore. LOL.

Now is the time for me to do some SEO. I want to derail him from the top spot and take over that position. Yeah, I want to make sure that when people search for “Alex Yeo”, I will ranked no. 1.

Right now, my title tag doesn’t have my name on it, which is obviously a disadvantage. 🙂

It’s fun time now for me to do SEO. But it’s not my main priority, so I won’t do it very aggressively. At the same time, I can do some SEO testing as well by only using ONE method to boost my rankings. I hope I can share some results soon and when you search for my name next time, I will be no. 1.

Fusion between SEO and PPC

After many months of hardwork, a few of my sites are already becoming authority sites. These sites are getting bulk of the traffic from Search Engines. SEO (search engine optimization) cannot be done overnight, and the main reason why I am getting decent traffic from the search engines is because I have good quality content. In fact, my largest site have reached 100 posts (that’s 100 pages).

Well, what I am weak is PPC (pay-per-click marketing). Yeah, I know many of the super affiliates are driving traffic via PPC and making 5-figures per month. I WANT such income as well.

Downside? Steep learning curve and losing money initially.

What if I can leverage on my authority site and drive MORE traffic using PPC? Will it be widely successful? I don’t know.

I am re-learning my PPC at the mean time. And yes, I am prepared to lose money. Losing money to invest in my education as Amit Mehta had said it.

A lot of PPC affiliate marketers have thin landing pages (therefore no SEO traffic) while those who are damn good in SEO never ventured into PPC. How about a fusion between SEO and PPC? Will it explode my income exponentially?

I am gonna test out.