My Preferred Affiliate Network Is

Affiliate marketing is still one of the easiest way to make money online. You don’t need to have your own product, you don’t need to handle any customer support, you don’t need to ship any product (if it’s a physical product). Best of all, it’s a way to generate passive income if you manage to do it right.

5 years ago, when I first got started in internet marketing, those “gurus” were teaching how you can start doing affiliate marketing with It’s easy to sign up, easy to find products, high commission ranging from 50%-75% because they are digital products. All these are no doubt the advantages, but the problem is…. there are just way TOO MANY affiliates all rushing to promote the SAME product.

Definitely good for the product owner as there are thousands of affiliates making sales for you. But as an affiliate, it is just insane competition, be it vying for organic search traffic or pay per click marketing. You will have a hard time to make even a single sale. That’s because all the gurus teach the same things:  “If you are doing affiliate marketing, go to clickbank and search for products to promote.”

If every newbie is doing the same thing, what are your chances of making good money?

My advice?

STAY AWAY from Clickbank for now. Go and join other affiliate networks. They are well-established too, and most importantly there are much lesser competition and even more choice of products to promote – both physical and digital products.

Personally, I am using and it is my preferred network. Other popular ones include: CJ, Linkshare, Amazon.  Last month, I made a 5-figure income from shareasale. You can make money from other networks, don’t just stick to clickbank. By the way, I also have income from clickbank and amazon too.

shareasale 5 figure



What I am trying to say is that, go out and explore on yourself. Don’t listen everything to what those “internet gurus” say. A lot of them are “making money by teaching people how to make money online”. You see the irony?

Physical Product Conversion Rate At 23.08%

I have been promoting a physical product from for a while and to my surprise, it is actually converting very well. From the screen shot below, you can see that it’s converting at 23.08% as of now. There are only 26 clicks to the affiliate product page so far in November, but there are 6 sales already. Even the  life-time conversion rate is still at  10.22%. It is still a VERY good figure.

Well, I am actually targeting the product name, so it’s very specific. It has very low searches per month and low competition. According to the Google keyword tool, it has only 170 exact [monthly search]. Initially, I was just testing it to see whether the product can convert. Heck, and the page wasn’t even ranked #1 on Google. So I was quite amazed how well it is selling, given the low searches and little clicks.

For those who are into digital products, you should know better –  the average conversion rate is only about 1-3%, i.e. out of 100 visitors, only 1 will buy the product.

This led me wanting to explore deeper into promoting physical products. True enough, physical product’s commission may not be high – average between 4%-15%. BUT it converts very well. There are thousands of products and people want to BUY them. They already know what they want. They are just looking for a little bit more information and they will whip out their credit cards. Need very little persuasion for them to take action.

Something for you to ponder, for me to explore further and promote more physical products.

New Site, New Sales

For those internet marketers who know me well enough, I always tell them that I had no luck with ClickBank. I tried promoting several products from Clickbank, but with little success. Bulk of my income came from Shareasale.

However, due to some price changes to the products I am promoting, they are not really converting and the conversion rates drop drastically. My traffic is, in fact, increasing but the sales drop. So, I decided to venture into Clickbank once again. LOL.

So far, the results are promising. The site was up and running on 24th Mar and I got my first sale within 7 days. I only got 26 clicks, and I got the sale. And within the next few days I got another sale. So 2 sales so far with around 50+ clicks. The conversion rate looks good so far with the little traffic I generate.

As usual, I need to get more traffic (at least 500 CTR) before I can conclude whether the product can really convert.

The ways I generate traffic are still the same – it’s old-school but they still work like a charm: Publish good content on my blog, article marketing, directories submission, social bookmarking, carnival submission.

New tip for those who are using article marketing:

It’s a PR7 site and you can submit your articles there! The highest PageRank for an article submission site I have seen so far. But don’t expect much traffic from there.  Just use it to build backlinks. It doesn’t hurt to have one more backlink from another article submission site :). The Kingpin is still EzineArticles where you can get direct traffic from there.