Highest Commission Made In A Single Sale

I have been doing affiliate marketing for 4 years. But this is the first time I have sold a ~ US$9.5k product online and as a result, I made a $1134.12 commission out of it. The merchant is offering a 12% commission. Check out the screenshot:

highest comission in a single sale

This is the highest commission I made in a single sale so far.

It is a physical product in the home improvement niche. This sale is not generated from my own website, it’s a squidoo site! Not a bad ROI huh?

Venturing into a New Niche Using Squidoo

I have ventured into a new niche. I won’t reveal the exact niche and all I can say is that it’s under the “Home and Family” category. So far, made a sale from it and it pays pretty well at USD$50 per sale. I didn’t take the conventional route of starting my own website (my own domain) and market it. I am trying new things and using Squidoo to kick-start it.

So, what exactly is Squidoo? Simply said, it’s a publishing platform where you can create a page based on a topic. They call the page “lenses” because it’s focused on a certain topic. For example, if your topic is on apples, the page should all be talking about apples ONLY. You don’t talk about bananas or other fruits. If you want to talk about bananas, by right you should create another “lens” and talk all about bananas.

So why choose Squidoo? First of all, it’s free, just like Secondly, which is critical,  it gets a lot of love from Google. This means that a Squidoo page tends to rank pretty well in the search engine. Of course there are techniques and strategies to rank even better. One of the methods I use is to create several lens and inter-linked them with each other. These provides good backlinks for each lens. In fact, Squidoo has been around for quite some time and I knew about it all these while. It’s only when I read more about it from PotPieGirl, that I began to create Squidoo pages.

Yes, you got it. My first sales came from one of my Squidoo page. This visitor searched for this particular keyword, found my page, browse it, clicked on my affiliate links, visit the merchant site and bought the product/service. By the way, this time round I am promoting a physical product/service. This is something new to me as well. All these while, I am selling digital products.

Of course, I have since bought my own domain and create my OWN website and promote this new niche product. New site needs time to rank well in search engine. I have ordered some articles. Once it’s done, it’s time to whack it and make it an authority site again.

So, if you are a beginner and you don’t wish to spend money buying your own domain or web host, try Squidoo. It’s the fastest way for you to see some initial results.