Fusion between SEO and PPC

After many months of hardwork, a few of my sites are already becoming authority sites. These sites are getting bulk of the traffic from Search Engines. SEO (search engine optimization) cannot be done overnight, and the main reason why I am getting decent traffic from the search engines is because I have good quality content. In fact, my largest site have reached 100 posts (that’s 100 pages).

Well, what I am weak is PPC (pay-per-click marketing). Yeah, I know many of the super affiliates are driving traffic via PPC and making 5-figures per month. I WANT such income as well.

Downside? Steep learning curve and losing money initially.

What if I can leverage on my authority site and drive MORE traffic using PPC? Will it be widely successful? I don’t know.

I am re-learning my PPC at the mean time. And yes, I am prepared to lose money. Losing money to invest in my education as Amit Mehta had said it.

A lot of PPC affiliate marketers have thin landing pages (therefore no SEO traffic) while those who are damn good in SEO never ventured into PPC. How about a fusion between SEO and PPC? Will it explode my income exponentially?

I am gonna test out.