UOB Kay Hian Review – I Like Their Charting Platform Better

UOB Kay Hian (UOBKH) is one of the leading stock broking firm in Singapore. Recently, they have re-brand their online platform as UTRADE.

I have opened an account with them some time ago through my friend who is working as a dealer. Before I opened an account with UOB KH, I already have accounts with DBS Vickers and POEMS.

As of now, out of these 3 brokerage firms, I prefer UOB Kay Hian’s. Why?

The main reason is their charting platform, which is called Techanalyzer, a tie up with ChartNexus. Techanalyzer allows user to perform technical analysis on the singapore counters and also screen for stocks using their stock screeners. I can view the intraday prices with ease and the layout is exactly the same as ChartNexus which I am already very used to it.

Just my personal view, I find that POEMS’s platform looks pretty outdated and “messy” – difficult to navigate.

DBS Vickers’ charting platform can only be used on IE. Hello? This is 2012 already. A lot of users are using Firefox, Chrome or Safari as their main browers and Vickers is still stuck in Internet Explorer ONLY? You can only view 30min or 1 hour for their intraday. Not very good and their charting platform is not very user-friendly.

Also UOBKH provides free SMS/email alerts for orders that are done. Not only that, I am able to set the target price to notify me using SMS if the stocks goes up or down. That’s when i can then decide to log-in and key in my orders to buy/sell. This takes out a lot of hassle from constantly checking on the price movement throughout the day.

Although the published brokerage rate is the standard rate as other major stockbroking firm, I get to enjoy preferential rates from them (due to my dealer friend).

UOBKH also provides frequent education seminars on fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The technical analysis seminar is taught to complement the use of the Techanalyzer. They teach you on moving averages, fibonacci retracement, elliott waves and also candlestick patterns which I find are pretty useful for beginners. Other seminars include how to build your own trading strategies using technical indicators. These are definitely useful for people who are new to technical analysis.

The easy of use of the online platform coupled with the Techanalyzer makes UOBKH’s platform a very good tool for investing as compared to other broking firms’ platform. Mobile platform is also available on iphone and the browser-based platform is available for non-iphone users.

If you are interested to open an account with UOB Kay Hian, you can fill up contact form below. I will ask my dealer friend to get in touch with you and give you a better rate. 🙂

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